Elite Massage Gun®
Elite Massage Gun®
Elite Massage Gun®
Elite Massage Gun®

Elite Massage Gun®

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✅ Joseph Parker Top Heavyweight Boxer
✅ New Zealand National Rugby Team Players

What Makes Elite Massage Gun™ the best on the market?
Elite Massage Gun® is trusted and used by Professional Athletes and celebrities all around the world!

Whether it be recovering from intense exercise to treating old injuries or a sore back from sitting all day at work!

PROVEN to speed up recovery and enhance performance!

✔  Recover faster Eliminate muscle fatigue & improve overall performance 
✔︎  Relieve stress & pain Heal old injuries for good!
✔︎  Save $$$ Get the same benefit as expensive massage from your own home!

Elite Massage Gun® provides you with a carry case so you can take it whenever you go!


Elite Massage Gun® is a POWERFUL  massage gun with 30 speeds so you can get the exact level needed to help you recover. Giving you a full range of massage for all areas of the body!


Elite Massage Gun® is one of the quietest massage gun on the market allowing you to use it anytime and anywhere!


Elite Massage Gun® come with different heads so it can be used on different areas of the body. We provide you with a flat head, bullet, fork & ball and two extras! To change the heads you simply pull the head out and push the other in!


Elite Massage Gun® is renowned for it's large battery life! Giving 2-6 hours on a full charge!

What's included?

1 x Elite Massage Gun®

1 x 16.6v Lithium-ion Battery ( Up to 6 hours of use)

1x Charger

6 x Attachment Heads

1 x User Manual 

1 x Premium/Durable Carrying Case


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