Our Story

Founded by a professional boxing coach, who trains top level ranked boxers, he had noticed that his fighters were not being treated more often to help with recovery and fatigued muscles. He formed a team to solve this issue and created the Elite Muscle Massage Gun to aid in his fighters recovery. 

We now use these every day and the results are incredible. Our fighters' performance increased drastically and injuries are non existent.

We stand by our product. A colleague within our business damaged his back from a serious life threatening accident, he's been using Elite Massage Gun® and within a month of daily use his back has been the best it's been since and continues to get better!

We have a passion for health and we know how important recovery is and how expensive massage can be. 

These massage guns will change your recovery, performance and overall muscle fatigue & soreness.

We are supported and used by many professional athletes and people around the world!

We really appreciate all our customers and we want to create a community of people encouraging and supporting each other on the road to success and recovery!